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Dr. Grasso Speaks to Students in Syracuse

Recently Dr. Anthony Grasso visited Holy Cross School in Dewitt to speak to the 4th and 5th graders about dentistry and his faith.  As a successful medical professional and father of three children ages 19, 16 and 10, Dr. Grasso knows the importance of, and is thankful for the role models in his children’s lives. He has a heartfelt desire to “pay it forward” by inspiring other young people to reach for their dreams and to use their faith to help others.

“I believe that we are here to serve and to help others, “ Dr. Grasso said.  “There is so much pressure on our young people to achieve that I want to remind them that no matter how busy they are, there are always little things they can do to make a difference for someone.  In my case, I just try to listen to my patients and offer help and advice whenever I can.” 

Of all the feedback Dr. Grasso’s staff receives about him, his staff can attest to the fact that he truly delivers on his promise.  “It’s not uncommon for him to receive calls from patients to tell him personally that something he said, or the fact that he just listened, made a difference in their life,” remarked his office manager, Jennifer Novak. “ Just last week he got a call from one of his patient’s family members to thank him.  He got off the phone and just beamed for the rest of the day.”

She added, “As busy as he is, he will stop everything to help someone. I’ve never worked for a dentist like him. It makes us realize that we can all take a moment to care.”

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